Indian Cooking Simplified

Our Simple, Delicious Indian Recipe Starters help you create healthy and satisfying Indian dishes, from scratch, with confidence.

Our expertly crafted Recipe Starters include all the speciality ingredients you need for a satisfying plant-based meal: freshly ground spices, lentils, and rice. Add fresh vegetables and lean meats to make an authentic, fresh, Indian dish at home.

Our collection features vegetable forward, plant-based vegan, and lean meat dishes.

What's Inside

Each Recipe Starter includes a detailed recipe and pre-measured spices, lentils and grains for each recipe. Just add fresh ingredients, such as vegetables or meat and pantry staples.

See product descriptions to what's inside each Recipe Starter.

Product Descriptions
  • Fresh From Scratch

    Nothing beats a meal freshly cooked from scratch. There are no simmer sauces, pre-cooked, processed or premade ingredients in our kitchen. Just add your own fresh ingredients- local, organic, fresh or frozen vegetables? Choose what's right for you. Our Recipe Starters work with you, your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

  • Authentic

    Cook Indian food the way it was meant to be, using traditional techniques updated for today. At Whole Spice Kitchen, we believe the essence of Indian cooking lies in the careful layering of flavors that comes from gently heating spices in ghee or oil to release their essence, then adding the right mix of fresh ingredients at the right time to deliver a deeply satisfying experience.

  • Simplified

    No need to source, buy, and store 30+ specialty spices. We send you the highest quality ingredients, premeasured so you get exactly what you need. Our recipes are detailed and packed with tools and information to help you up your cooking game.

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